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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Recently we uploaded two seminars that had initially been scheduled to be run at Entrust 2021 but were postponed once we had to pivot to a streaming format.

We wanted to let you know about one creative idea for how to use these seminars that might work in your context too. The women at St Jude's Unichurch in Carlton met online to watch the seminar together leading to times of discussion and prayer.

Here is the reflection of one of the participants, Katja Wagner...

On Saturday 28th August I joined with a group of women at the Unichurch congregation of St Jude’s Carlton to watch and discuss Kamwende Gatende’s talk on Assurance of Salvation for Entrust 2021. In the height of another Melbourne lockdown, it would have been natural to feel isolated and disoriented, however what I experienced was a rare depth of peace, connection and quite truly, assurance in God’s faithfulness, protection and plan.

Kamwende’s talk planted a bounty of seeds in our minds which fruited in three moments of brief but meaningful small group discussion, bracketed by communal prayer. Guided through John 10 we meditated anew upon Jesus the Good Shepherd who protects us from sin, pain and doubt by fixing our ears on His voice, talking constantly with the Father and sticking close to flock. Stimulated by scriptures, guided commentary and song, our small group discussion quickly grew richly resonant, and deeply encouraging.

I arrived hungry, and left nourished and inspired. It was the trifold combination of having listened (through Kamwende and others), talked with God (through prayer) and abiding with the flock (in discussion and sunlight-drenched faces!) that was so powerful and which I could not recommend more highly.

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