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Seminars 2021

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Assurance Handout

Identity Handout


Assurance of Salvation

But how can I really know

Kamwende Gatende

Maybe you know the feeling, you read certain passages of Scripture and you wonder: What if that's me? What if I'm the one being described here? The one who falls away, the one who doesn't endure to the end, the one who was never chosen in the first place...? Or you've read those passages and thought: That's my friend, is there any hope for her?
How can we know that we are saved? What assurance does the Bible offer us that we are? How should we read passages in the Word that seem to suggest that we're not safe?
I don't have all the answers, but in this seminar, we'll dig into God's Word together to see what He has to say to assure His children that He will never let them go.
Kamwende was born and raised in Kenya and became a Christian when she was 16. She came to Australia to study commerce but her involvement with Christian ministry at university and eventual role as president of the Melbourne University Christian Union made her realise that ministry is her passion. She went back home and worked in an organisation doing university and radio ministry for just over a year. Currently, Kamwende is studying for her Master of Divinity at Ridley College and interning with Pioneers Australia. She lives with her twin sister and adorable one year old niece.


Entrust 2021

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Survey Monkey

Similar but different...

When: 8th May 2021, 9.30am to 2pm

Where: Geelong, Melbourne CBD, Bundoora, Surrey Hills, Mentone, Pakenham, Williamstown or the comfort of your own lounge room. 

Cost: $20 all tickets. BYO catering.

And if restrictions change you’ll still be able to enjoy the conference, streaming to your home.

This year at Entrust Women we will be asking the important question 

Who is Jesus?

And where better to find the answers than from Jesus himself? At Entrust this year, we will be beginning a three-year journey into the book of John, looking at the “I AM” statements of Jesus in their contexts.

This year our speakers Belinda Grant and Heather Reid will be looking at John 6 and 9, and the world altering claims of Jesus, that he is the Bread of Life, AND the Light of the World.

Join us on the 8th of May when we'll reflect on the life changing reality we read in John 8 verse 12, that whoever follows Jesus will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.



All tickets are $20.

Choose which hub you wish to attend or choose the stream to home option. Please note that there are strict density limits at each location. So we recommend booking as soon as you’re able to avoid disappointment.

Bundoora Presbyterian Church

3/19 Enterprise Drive, Bundoora.


St John’s Anglican Church, Highton
269 Roslyn Rd, Highton

Kilsyth South

Canterbury Gardens Community Church

281 Colchester Rd, Kilsyth South

Melbourne CBD

Cross Culture Church of Christ
333 Swanston St, Melbourne 
Disabled access to Auditorium: 190 Little Lonsdale St

Mentone Baptist Church 

 36 Harpley St, Cheltenham


St James Anglican Church
41 Pakenham Rd. Enter via Beaconhills Christian College and turn right.

Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church

650 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills

Williamstown Presbyterian Church

87 Cecil St, Williamstown



belinda (2).jpg

Belinda Grant

Belinda Grant was first struck by the gospel as a kid, when her Dad sang her to sleep with hymns. She has had the privilege of sharing that Gospel in Children’s and University ministry, and now to her four young kids.

She loves serving at her church, Grace Christian Community, along-side her Pastor husband Tim, and spends most of her (fairly limited) free-time writing Fantasy Fiction. Laundry is the bane of her existence.

She has a particular passion for seeing women engaging deeply with God’s Word, and is so excited to see lives changed through the powerful truths of John 6.


Heather Reid

Heather Reid is a mum of 2, grandmother of 6, and former physio. 
Her long-term passion has been helping women grow in Christ through both church and student ministry around Australia. 
After a varied career as Physio, Mum, Healthcare Educator and AFES Staffworker, she is currently completing doctoral studies while lecturing part-time alongside her husband, Andrew, at Evangelical Theological College of Asia (ETCAsia). This college is located in Singapore, where they share their apartment with a terrapin called JoJo. 
She and Andrew will return to Melbourne in early July, after which Heather will take a part-time ministry role while she focuses on completing her thesis.

Conference Schedule

9.30 am


Registration will open at 9.30 am.
If you're attending a hub there will be a couple of activities before the streaming starts.

10 am

Session 1

Belinda Grant will be speaking on Jesus' claim :: I AM the bread of life (John 6)

12.00 pm


Please provide your own lunch whether you're at home or at one of the hubs.

12.45 pm

Session 2

Heather Reid will be speaking on Jesus' claim :: I AM the light of the world (John 9).

2 pm


The conference will wrap up.
Take care getting home and we'll see you next year.


What they're saying:

It is so important for Jesus’ church that women are challenged in their obedience to Christ, mobilized in their gifts, and have an ever deepening vision of the beauty & power of a life lived for him. Women teaching women is such a powerful way that Jesus brings this into being. I am thankful for the contribution of Entrust in this unique and vital work.

–Stephanie Judd

City on a Hill, Executive Director - Leadership Academy 

It has been a great joy to see the timely emergence of the Entrust Women conference in Melbourne: young and able evangelical women committed to ministry among women based on the exploration and exposition of God’s word and mutual encouragement for ministry.  I warmly commend this new venture and am glad to be associated with it. My hope and prayer is that through it Christian women across Victoria will be taught, rebuked, corrected, and trained in righteousness so that they might be capable and equipped for every good work that God has prepared for them in their families, among God’s people, and in the workplace.

–Andrew Reid

Principal of ETC Asia

I've enjoyed previous Entrust conferences for the stimulating Bible talks and seminars, on both practical and theological issues; the opportunities to see friends and acquaintances, and to meet other women who are striving to live for Jesus; and for the encouragement and joy of gathering with like-minded women - young and old, city and rural, mothers, students, workers, of different ethnicities and backgrounds, working in ministry or simply living for Jesus in everyday life.

–Fiona McLean
Discipleship and Community Minister with the Unichurch congregation of St Jude's Anglican Church, Carlton

A conference for women, led by women, who desire to see women across Victoria established in their faith, equipped in their ministries, and encouraged in their cross-bearing, Christ-centred life, how can it not be wholeheartedly commended.  I am grateful for the evangelical women who lead this conference with a commitment to faithful expository preaching.  It has been a delight to see the fruits of this conference and how it has shaped the lives and ministry of the women in our church, as they seek to live their lives as daughters of the King.  My prayer is that this will be seen amongst more women and more churches for the glory of God.

John Huynh

Minister, Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church 



Helpful Information


What are the goals of Entrust Women?

We have two goals, represented by the two Ts in enTrusT:

• to provide clear, faithful Bible teaching from women and to women in Melbourne

• to provide training to women from Melbourne and wider Victoria as they learn to teach and train other women.  

We took the name Entrust Women from 2 Timothy 2:2 – “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will be qualified to teach others.” That’s what we want to do: pass on the gospel by giving women an opportunity to teach one another, and to learn how to teach one another, from God’s word.

Why do we need another conference?

What’s different about Entrust Women? There are lots of great conferences with speakers from various places. Our conference is unusual because most of our speakers are women who live in Melbourne or wider Victoria. That’s because one of our goals is to give local women opportunities, models and training as they teach the Bible to other women.

Who runs the conference?

We’re run by a small group of women from different churches in Melbourne, who share the same convictions about the centrality of the cross and the Bible, and the same dream: to encourage ministry by women and to women. Our committee includes Louisa Pfitzner (St Luke’s, Frankston),  Casey Blythe (Surrey Hills Presbyterian), Jean Burley (Surrey Hills Presbyterian), Sharon Cheung (City on a Hill), Belinda Grant (Grace Christian Community),  Helen King (Mentone Baptist), Rebecca Ooi (St Mark's Camberwell) and Kellie Vanderkruk (Mentone Baptist).

What happens on the day?

This year will be a bit different. Our conference will still run on Saturday 8th May 2021. You can either watch the conference streamed from a hub or watch from home. Either way, we'll have two great talks, music, an interview, book reviews and other activities to make the day memorable and fun.

Why hubs?

Our feeling is that women are really longing to meet together in person if possible. So that we can all praise God together and learn from him in community.
However we're all aware of the current COVID restrictions and the limitations that puts on large events. 
So our plan is to stream from the new media studio at New Hope Baptist to churches around Melbourne.
And if we're all suddenly under lockdown we'll still be able to broadcast to your home.

What COVIDsafe practices will be in place?

Each hub will be practicing COVIDsafe practices including: encouraging social distancing, QR code check in for contact tracing purposes, providing sanitiser and so on.

However, please stay home if your are unwell. You'll still have access to the livestream so that you can participate at home.

If restrictions change we hope to still be able to stream from the New Hope studio if permitted. Otherwise we'll provide a refund.

What about our regional delegates?

You are of course welcome to any one of our hubs. However, you could consider organising a watch party with other women from your church in your city. Each of you can buy your own ticket but you could watch together at church or in someone's home.

How will Entrust Women help women from my church get to know each other better?

Decide together which hub you would like to attend and make sure you all get tickets to the same hub. During the day there will be an opportunity for church groups to talk and pray about what they’ve learned. So not only will you be encouraged by seeing Christian women from different churches, you’ll get a chance to hang out as a church group too. But please don’t feel like you have to come with a church group: if you’re there on your own, or with a couple of friends, you’ll have the same opportunity to reflect on, and pray about, what you’re learning.

Will the conference be suitable for teens and young adults?

Yes, the teaching will be accessible to all.  So if you’re a pastor or Christian worker, encourage the young women in your youth group, young adults’ group, or university group to attend. *Please note that delegates under 18 years of age must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times throughout the conference.

I’d like to encourage women from my church to come along, but don’t know how.

Just email entrustwomen@outlook.com, give us a postal address, and we’ll send you a media pack.

Can I Bring My Baby?

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate children. However, nursing mothers are welcome to bring their baby. There may be some extra facilities depending on which venue you are attending. Please call the contact person for that venue to check.


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