Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of Entrust Women?

We have two goals, represented by the two Ts in enTrusT:

• to provide clear, faithful Bible teaching from women and to women in Melbourne

• to provide training to women from Melbourne and wider Victoria as they learn to teach and train other women.  

We took the name Entrust Women from 2 Timothy 2:2 – “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will be qualified to teach others.” That’s what we want to do: pass on the gospel by giving women an opportunity to teach one another, and to learn how to teach one another, from God’s word.

Why do we need another conference?

What’s different about Entrust Women? There are lots of great conferences with speakers from various places. Our conference is unusual because most of our speakers are women who live in Melbourne or wider Victoria. That’s because one of our goals is to give local women opportunities, models and training as they teach the Bible to other women.

Who runs the conference?

We’re run by a small group of women from different churches in Melbourne, who share the same convictions about the centrality of the cross and the Bible, and the same dream: to encourage ministry by women and to women. Our committee includes Jean Williams (Bundoora Presbyterian), Casey Blythe (Surrey Hills Presbyterian), Jean Burley (Grace Christian Community), Belinda Grant (Grace Christian Community), Louisa Pfitzner (The Anglican Parish of Banyule)
 and Kellie Vanderkruk (Mentone Baptist).

What happens on the day?

Our conference runs from 9:30am to 4pm on a Saturday in late April or early May. We kick off with a Bible talk, have a break for morning tea, and enjoy a second Bible talk, followed by a time to reflect and pray in small groups. In the afternoon, there’s a list of seminars to choose from. We provide morning tea and lunch, great music, a testimony or two, book stalls, and other activities to make the day memorable and fun. 

How will Entrust Women help women from my church get to know each other better? 
After the second talk there’ll be an opportunity for church groups to talk and pray about what they’ve learned. So not only will you be encouraged by seeing Christian women from different churches, you’ll get a chance to hang out as a church group too. But please don’t feel like you have to come with a church group: if you’re there on your own, or with a couple of friends, you’ll have the same opportunity to reflect on, and pray about, what you’re learning. 

Will the conference be suitable for teens and young adults?

Yes, the teaching will be accessible to all, and there will be a seminar suitable for teens and young adults.  So if you’re a pastor or Christian worker, encourage the young women in your youth group, young adults’ group, or university group to attend. 

​I’d like to encourage women from my church to come along, but don’t know how.

Just email, give us a postal address, and we’ll send you a media pack. 

Can I Bring My Baby?

We cannot accommodate children. However, nursing mothers are welcomed to bring their baby. A cry room with full view and audio of auditorium where main talks are held is available for nursing mothers.


Budget Accommodation is available on site at Belgrave Heights Convention. Cost includes a bed in a cabin plus breakfast. All bedrooms are equipped with heaters.  
Mattress supplied you are required to bring all other bedding. Shower/toilet facilities are separate from the accommodation. Arrival from 5pm. To book click here.

Car Park

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre  is located at 3 Convention Avenue, Belgrave Heights Victoria, 3160. There is ample car park on site.