Carmen Nguy

Meditating on God’s word….we hear it everywhere - at church, in the Bible and especially in Philippians 4. But what is meditation? Is it like yoga where you empty your mind? Or is it like a priest chanting sacred words? Is it just reading the Bible over and over again? Join this seminar to learn what meditation on God’s word means, how we do it and most importantly, why we should do it! 

​Carmen recently completed a 2-year ministry apprenticeship at her church, Grace Christian Community. She loves spending time with women over cups of water (not coffee or tea) and seeing women of all ages deepening in their knowledge and love of Jesus. 

This seminar is suited for teens and young adults.  *Please note that all attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the conference but may attend seminar without their accompanying adult.  Accompanying adult may attend the seminar of their choice.

Where can I find meaning in life?

​​​​Mentoring Women

Mardi Easton
​Meeting together with another person to chat/pray/read the bible is such a worthwhile thing to do, both to feed into someone else's life, and to be fed by another.  But how does one do it?  This seminar will look biblically into why this is a good thing to do, and what is our role and what is the role of the Holy Spirit.  It will also look into the logistical side of things such as who to meet with, what to do when you meet, what to read in the bible, how to teach bible reading, how to pastor, how to rebuke and correct, what to pray for, what questions to ask, how often to meet and when to stop.


What if we do cast all our anxieties on God in prayer and we don’t feel God's peace? 

Anne Elliot

This seminar will look at what anxiety is, what causes it, why it’s such a common problem today, and what effective treatment looks like.  We will also look at what the bible says about anxiety and how this relates to anxiety as a mental health problem.  

​Anne Elliot is a  christian counsellor.


Seminars:   Please choose 1 seminar to attend on the day

Identity, belonging, and happiness

Candice Bergamin

The values of our surrounding culture have changed rapidly over recent years, putting Christians increasingly out of sync with many of our neighbours. In this workshop we’ll be taking a step back from those issues to understand some of the ‘questions behind the questions’ we ask about some important aspects of our humanity- questions of identity, belonging, happiness and suffering.
We’ll explore together what the Bible says, and give some principles to build confidence in speaking to our friends and family, showing how the good news of Jesus equips us to respond well.

Candice serves with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) at Deakin University, Burwood.  She loves seeing students connecting with Jesus, growing in Jesus, and standing for Jesus on campus.

What is God's plan for my life and can I screw it up?

Helen Bell
God tells us to love people but he doesn't usually tell us if or who to marry.  God tells us to honour him but it's often hard to know which job will help us to do that best. The list goes on: time management, spending, which ministries to focus on.......   We are always making decisions about the trajectory of our life. Or those decisions are made for us. Or we have already made them and they can't be undone. This seminar will explore how we discover God's plan for our life and how knowing it can start to set us free from fear, anxiety, indecision and guilt.  Helen works with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). Her job focusses on talking with students about Jesus and the life he offers them.  Helen is married to Andrew, likes good coffee and discussing politics (a hangover from her previous job in economics!), and is part of Bundoora Presbyterian Church.

Meditating on God’s word

Sharon Cheung

Life is full of big questions. 'What is the meaning of life?' is one of the top searches on Google. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible is full of these big questions! Together we will explore how these questions help lead us towards the truth about God, about ourselves and how we are to live purposeful lives for Jesus.

Sharon is a staff worker at City Bible Forum Melbourne and studies at Ridley College. She loves helping women and young workers connect the dots between faith and work. In a prior life, Sharon worked in insurance where she developed a deep appreciation for coffee. She is also a big fan of writing, music, theology and art. Sharon attends City on A Hill Melbourne and serves in the Faith and Work network there also. ​ *This elective is especially for those who are investigating Christianity or who are new believers.