Michelle Gerungan

We’re encouraged to do this thing called ‘hospitality’, it’s meant to be part of our Christian lives, but what is it? Does the Bible have in mind entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties when it commands us to be hospitable? In this workshop we’ll take a look at what hospitality is, why we’re encouraged to be hospitable, and what it looks like in a number of different contexts - with the help of a panel of women.

Michelle serves at both St Stephen’s in Surrey Hills and AFES in Deakin Uni Burwood. Here she spends lots of her time discussing Jesus, the Bible, and life. Michelle has lived in Melbourne for a little over 1 year and enjoys learning why Melbourne is such a great city. If you spend time with her this year, she will probably get you to help her reach her goals of doing a handstand and patting more dogs. 



Helen Bell

God’s sovereignty in election is one of those ‘uncomfortable’ topics. It raises questions about the nature of God’s love and the justice of his judgment. And where does human will and decision-making fit in? These are not new questions, they are there in the Bible. These are not just intellectual questions, they are heart questions when they involve the salvation of people we love. These are real and good questions. Rather than put these topics in the ‘too-hard’ basket, let’s talk about them as we explore some key Bible passages and their implications together.

​Helen works with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) at Melbourne University. Her job focuses on talking with students about Jesus and the life he offers them.  Helen is married to Andrew, likes good coffee and discussing politics (a hangover from her previous job in economics!), and is part of Bundoora Presbyterian Church

REACHING THE NATIONS: Right Where You are (of overseas?)

Jenny Sonneman

We know that God has a plan that people from every nation, tribe, people and language will be standing around his throne in heaven.  How does God’s plan go from his special people (the Jews) to blessing all the nations? We’ll trace this theme throughout the Scriptures and then focus on a case study of a local church reaching the nations in Melbourne.
Come and share your thoughts and questions, about local and overseas mission, and mission “from everywhere to everywhere”.

Jenny Sonneman is married to Steve and they have two teenage children. She has studied and worked in fields of Psychology, Education and Theology. Jenny lived and worked in Europe for a year in her early 20’s, and then went with Steve to Pakistan for 14 years with CMS – Church Missionary Society. She did all sort of ministries there, mostly with local women. She is now the Victoria Director of OCA – Overseas Council Australia. Jenny also does ministry in her church alongside her husband at St John’s Anglican, West Brunswick. She runs English classes and helps the church reach out to the Nations all around us.


Louisa Pfitzner

A right understanding of Jesus’ return has great power for patience in disappointment, hope in the midst of trials, zeal for evangelism and even getting your foreign policy right. Come along and learn about how eschatology (the study of the end times) can shape your thinking and behaviour.
While Louisa is waiting for Jesus’ return she works part-time at St Luke’s Anglican Church in Frankston as the Children’s and Youth Minister. She is also married to Rene and mum to 3. She loves knitting quite a bit but had to put it on hold when she recently shattered her arm while roller skating.



Belinda Grant
​For most of us, the idols we serve are not statues of gold or religious figures.  But this doesn't mean that our hearts are undivided for Jesus. In this practical workshop we will delve into what God has to say about idolatry, identify the idols we serve and look at how we can turn from them back towards Jesus.

Belinda Grant is thankful to God for knowing Jesus as Lord since she was a little girl.  Over the years she has worked in Kids and University ministry, and now spends her time looking after her four pre-schoolers, writing fiction, and serving along with her Pastor husband at Grace Christian Community in Box Hill.  She is always setting herself ridiculously over-ambitious baking challenges, and is partial to sunsets and fancy cheese.


Amy Brown

“Pride comes before a fall”… ever heard that saying before? It’s actually from the bible, a proverb (16:18). Esther and Haman, Daniel and King Neb… we see it time and again displayed in the bible. The proud fall and the humble are raised up.
But what does this have to do with us now? I mean, maybe I say a humble brag every now and then, but it’s not like I go around parading how great I am, right?
In this seminar we’ll have a look at what pride and humility actually is. We’ll imagine what it might look like to take on the kind of humility that Jesus shows us and how it frees us from how the world tells us we should live.

Amy has the awesome privilege of being the Children’s & Youth minister at St Jude’s Church, Carlton. She loves coffee, exploring the wonders of Melbourne and has recently taken up a new hobby: cross stitch.
This seminar is suited for teens and young adults.  *Please note that all attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the conference but may attend seminar without their accompanying adult. The accompanying adult may attend the seminar of their choice.




SPEAKING THE GOSPEL in the School Playground (or wherever)

Karen Morris

If the school playground (or work, or playgroup) is your mission field, how do you tell the gospel there? How do you talk about anything other than your children, your renovations and the weather? This seminar will equip you to open conversations that might lead to gospel conversations. But having opened a conversation how do you tell the gospel? We will look at a quick gospel explanation that can be drawn on a coffee shop serviette!

Karen Morris is passionate about telling the gospel to people wherever she goes. She works as an evangelist for Christian Union at Monash Uni and has spent hours of her life hanging out in school playgrounds!

Seminars:   Please choose 1 seminar to attend on the day

Casey Blythe

“I want to read the Bible but I don’t know where to start or how to understand it”. Like me, you might have asked yourself this question. The Bible is God’s living and active word and it can reveal so much about who God is, what He has done and what He will be doing. At this seminar, we will learn how to read and understand the Bible.
*This seminar is particularly suitable for those who are new Christians or investigating Christianity, and anyone who wants to learn how to read the Bible!
Casey remembers the moment it became clear that the Bible is one big story of God redeeming His people through Jesus Christ and that it applies to her personally too. She seeks to share this truth to others in various contexts – kids’ church, youth group, women’s ministries, but above all, through relationships. Casey works as a policy and legislation officer for an OHS regulator and is married to Oli, who is in his final year of Bible College. To relax, Casey enjoys coffee, chocolate and cheese!