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Gospel intentionality in the everyday

Ali Saunders
We all lead busy lives, and it's easy to feel the burden of needing to do more to share the gospel with unbelievers. In this seminar we'll look at how we can live out our identity as Christians in the natural rhythms of life. Our goal is to become more intentional about living and breathing the gospel in our everyday lives, so that we see gospel opportunities emerge from who we are and how we live, rather than forcing conversations or adding on extras. Ali Saunders and her husband Dan have planted a church together in St Kilda. Ali is a former AFES staffworker who is currently raising four children and is the Women's Ministry Director at Arkhouse Church.

Putting Christ first in your dating decision

Sarah Weber

What would it look like to put Christ first in our dating decisions? What implications does our union with Christ have for choosing who to date? Should we date those who aren’t followers of Jesus? Sarah Weber, the full-time senior women’s staffworker with the Geelong Christian Union at Deakin University, has thought deeply about what the Bible has to say about our dating relationships. Come along whether you are single or married, and be equipped to answer people’s questions on this significant issue.


Belinda Cox

Do you ever find friendship difficult? Have you wondered whether knowing Jesus makes any difference in the way you relate to your friends? In this seminar for teens and young adults, Belinda Cox will explore why we can be secure in our relationship with Jesus, and how we can build friendships that point each other towards Jesus.  Belinda has just completed a ministry traineeship at Bundoora Presbyterian Church, and although she still has much to learn, loves building friendships with women that point towards Jesus.  

 *This elective is especially for those who are Teens and Young Adults.

​*Please note that all attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the conference but may attend seminar without their accompanying adult.  Accompanying adult may attend the seminar of their choice.

A God who keeps his promises


Candice Bergamin

Have you ever wondered what God’s big plan is? Do you wonder what he’s doing in the world, and what he wants for your life? In this seminar, we’ll walk together through the Old Testament to the New to see God’s plan unfold, and how Jesus is at the centre of it all. Candice Bergamin has been following Jesus since senior high school. After a few years’ work as a dietitian, she studied theology, and is now a staffworker with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) at Deakin University in Burwood. She loves seeing uni students (and everyone else!) grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and living life to the full with him. 
*This elective is especially for those who are investigating Christianity or who are new believers. 

Teens and young adults: Jesus and friendships

​​​Speaking encouraging words

Deb Sugars
Have you ever wondered how to listen well, and how to say things that are encouraging to others? How can we speak wise and helpful words to each other? Join Deb Sugars as she explores what the Bible has to say about speaking encouraging words, and how to do this in our everyday lives. Deb is a Discipleship Minister at St Jude’s Anglican Church in Carlton, and equipping people for ministry is one of her passions. She loves Jesus, and wants others to share in the joy of knowing him. She has a background in social work, is married to John, and has three adult children.