Entrust Women is a group of women from different churches who share the same convictions about the centrality of the cross and the Bible, and the same dream: to encourage ministry by women and to women. We aim to provide clear, faithful Bible teaching from women and to women in Victoria and to provide training to women as they learn to teach and train other women. And that’s what we want to do: pass on the gospel by giving women an opportunity to teach one another, and to learn how to teach one another, from God’s word. 
Please join us on Saturday the 13th of October for theEntrust Women’s Preaching Training Day. Mike Raiter from the Centre for Biblical Preaching will be training us in how to prepare a biblical talk with a particular focus on preparing talks from the Old Testament. Come along and build your confidence in being able to handle this rich part of our Scriptures. 

Date: Saturday 13th October         Venue: Holy Trinity Doncaster 106 Church Rd, Doncaster VIC 
Time: 9am to 2:30pm
9.00am Welcome, introductions, purpose
9.15am Session 1
10.30am Morning tea
11.00am Session 2
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Session 3
2.30pm Wrap up

Ticket Prices:

Catering : $55 (includes morning tea and lunch)
BYO Catering $47 (tea and coffee included in BYO catering ticket price but you will need to Bring Your Own morning tea and lunch)